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Welcome to Cayo Santa Maria
Cayo Santa Maria - Villa Clara Cuba is a place blessed with amazing scenery, natural beauty of tropical mangroves tree. Bliss on a beach, powder perfect sand squishes between the toes and warm turquoise waves lap the beach. Schools of fish dart through the crystal clear water a starfish washes up on the sand. Some destinations remain for good in ours memory, Cayo Santa Maria is one of them. Place for adventure and ecotourism, getting closer to nature.

Cayo Santa Maria not only offers beautiful beaches, is an excellent birds watching destination. Bird watching holidays, whilst enjoying Caribbean sun. Colourful coral reefs has such an abundance of fish, divers might believe they are in an aquarium.
Cuba has gained just recognition as a first class birding destination. At Cayos you can easily spot Bee Hummingbird the smallest living bird in the world. And cute colourful American Redstarts, black & white Warblers and many of Cuba's fantastic endemic birds ♡ respect do not disturb Cayos wildlife.