Santa Clara Cuba

Santa Clara and Remedios

Mare pacifico City of Santa Clara offer diverse and colourful cultural scene and a beautiful central park named after a Colonel Leoncio Vidal in the independence army, who died in a battle in this square in 1896. This charming square is the most popular park and the heart of Santa Clara. It has wrought-iron benches and period street lamps. The city has mostly colonial style architecture with narrow streets and famous fountain Nino de la Bota.

There are many reasons to visit Santa Clara, one of them is the museum of "Decorative Arts" offer impressive collection of Colonial decorative art and furnitures. Monument of Che on Plaza de la Revolucion Ernesto Che Guevara, and the Modern Art Gallery located at the corners of Parque Vidal.

• Santa Clara International Airport

The 'Abel Santamaria Airport' is located 11 km - 7 miles outside the city of Santa Clara, and 112 km -70 miles from Cayo Cayo Santa Maria. The airport handles international and domestic flights.

Choose from a selection of hotels and hostels to stay in Santa Clara and Remedios

Hotel Central
Hotel Central, landmark hotel in Santa Clara overlooking the main square Parque Vidal

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Santa Clara city: Parque Vidal and Boulevard near the Café Europa in city centre, as well in Sandino park and Los Framboyanes square.

Ernesto Che Guevara

• Che Guevara Mausoleum

Monument of Che on Plaza de la Revolucion Ernesto Che Guevara, with a huge bronze statue of the Ernesto Che Guevara, you can enter from the National Highway, in distance just 1km.
Under the monument is a museum 'Che Guevara Museo Historico de la Revolucion' with good displays about Che life in Cuba. The Mausoleum is open to the public.

Exuberarte fashion show 2018

• Exuberarte Annual Fashion Festival

Exuberarte Festival 2018 futaring beautiful models from Santa Clara. Annual fashion event is held in Santa Clara every summer, leading and the most talented Cuban fashion designers are participating in this fashion event. Fashion shows are taking place in city centre Leoncio Vidal Park with free entrance to the public.

• Decorative Arts museum

Museo de las Artes Decorativas dating back to 1810, found in colonial mansions, located in the ancestral home of the Carta family, is one of the most attractive building in Sanata Clara, facing Leoncio Vidal central park.
The exposition include furniture collections of 18th and the 19th centuries, the furnishings and paintings which belonged to the local affluent families. Particularly interesting are the objects donated by Dulce Mara Loynaz, items are influenced by the Neo-classical, Rococo and Imperial styles.
Located at the corner at Vidal Park, city center.

John Paul II statue

• Memorial of Pop John Paul II

The John Paul II statue commemorating Pope John Paul II historic trip to Sanata Clara. The statue came from Rome as a gift from the Vatican, and was placed in Santa Clara as the site of John Paul's first Mass during his January 1998.

Hotel accommodation in Santa Clara

Santa Clara Hotel Central Hotel Central 4 star
Landmark hotel is overlooking the main square Parque Vidal. Featuring a sun terrace, offer selection of international cuisine in the on-site restaurant. All rooms come with a closet, private bathroom equipped with a shower and a flat-screen TV with satellite.

Santa Clara hotel America Hotel America 4 star
Modern hotel in city centre, offer pool bar, restaurant, comfortable rooms and an outdoor swimming pool. All rooms are equipped with a closet, private bathroom with a bath and flat-screen TV with satellite.
La Granjita Hotel La Granjita Hotel 3 star
Located among Coco palms 5 km from the city, with cozy tranquil atmosphere and direct contact with nature. Two storey bungalows, scattered among beautiful vegetation, has large swimming pool.
Los Caneyes Hotel
Los Caneyes 3 star
Surrounded by eucalyptus trees, quiet hotel imitate houses before Columbus. Offer all comfort and services: massage, acupressure, fangotherapy, swimming pool and night fashion show.
Santa Clara Libre Santa Clara Libre 2 star
Hotel facing the Leoncio Vidal Park city centre, flanked by La Caridad theater. When the night falls, top roof Bar and Disco-club invite all guests, at the basement is stylish Spanish style pizza restaurant, best pizza in Santa Clara.

Remedios Villa Clara Cuba

San Juan de los Remedios

Remedios originally called Santa Cruz de la Sabana, is recognized as the eighth oldest city in Cuba, located 20 km - 12 miles north of Santa Clara. The town was declared a city by Isabel the Second Queen of Spain, when the Cuba was still a Spanish colony. The central square Plaza Major is surrounded by nice monuments and colonial buildings. The beautiful church Iglesia Mayor is the main attraction, on the other side is the Iglesia del Buen Viaje.

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Town central park, square Plaza Major.

• Iglesia Mayor of San Juan Bautista

The main attraction of Remedios is the Plaza Isabel II and the Iglesia Mayor, Church of San Juan Bautista containing beautifully decorated gold altars. The Iglesia Parroquia Mayor San Juan Bautista de Remedios was built in 1692 on the remains of a 1570 church, making it one of the oldest churches in Cuba.

Iglesia Mayor church
The Remedios was under constant siege by pirates, famous El Olones corsair. Therefore the gold was hidden under white paint. In a renovation that took place in 1944, thanks to the generous Cuban millionaire Eutimio Falla Bonet, the real gold under the paint were re discovered.

• Las Parrandas de Remedios

Remedios is distinguished for Las Parrandas Christmas Festival, one of the most popular events of the region that takes place every year from 16 to 26 of December, Las Parrandas is the oldest festival in Cuba.

Encanto Barcelona hotel
Encanto Barcelona hotel

Hotel accommodation in Remedios

Barcelona Hotel in RemediosHotel Barcelona 4 star
New boutique hotel at privileged location in Remedios town center, few steps from the oldest church in Cuba. Hotel offer air-conditioned accommodations in Remedios. There's a restaurant, all guest rooms are equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV.
Mascotte Hotel in Remedios Hotel Mascotte 4 star
Colonial architectural style, combines modernity with colonial environment, a small hotel in an old 18th century colonial house, with high ceilings, long windows and balconies that overlook main square. Hotel offer air-conditioned accommodation.